WattFabrik racing series

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Every Thursday evening, the WattFabrik organizes its own racing series. Everyone is welcome, whether as an individual rider or with an entire team. The race series is not a series in the true sense of the word, rather the individual races are independent and not part of an overall ranking. The advantage is that you can miss a race without dropping down the rankings. Hence the name NO SERIES RACING. The races are mostly points races. The chase races, which also take place regularly, provide some variety. 

Even though this is not a racing series, the organizers take the evaluation of the individual results very seriously. The requirements for participants are higher than the Zwift standard.

Zwift requirements

  • Sign-in according to Category Enforcement (CE)
  • Power measurement required
  • Heart rate measurement required

Additional requirements:

  • Zwift activity must be saved as public (not private / not follower)
  • Smart trainer (no spinning bikes where the cadence is converted into watts)
  • The cadence must be transmitted and visible in the activity

Rules and race settings:

  • No Power-Ups
  • No TT bikes
  • Participants must be registered on ZwiftPower to appear in the results lists
  • The use of techniques such as sticky watts, micro bursting, sprint & coast, etc. will lead to disqualification

In addition to the standard codes for disqualification, this leads to additional codes:

DQ NOT PUBLIC : The user has not saved the activity as public. Verification not possible.

DQ STICKY WATTS : Sticky Watts, Microbursting or Sprint & Coast etc. was used to gain an unrealistic advantage.

DQ NO CADENCE: The cadence sensor was not connected. (RPM)

Even though it takes a lot of time to check all activities, it is clear how important fairness is in online races within the WattFabrik. Riders who fulfil the above requirements may have a little extra work, but in return they get the opportunity to compete with riders who also fulfil these requirements.

Regarding the scoring, we ask all participants to check the race description on ZwiftPower. There you will always find a detailed description of the primes and the overall scoring. The results lists are normally finalized within 24 hours after the race.